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Love this app

Ive tried all of the weather apps and found this to be the best. I only use it. Its simple and easy but gives me all the data I need. Wish it had a widget tho. Then itd be perfect.

Very good

Best weather app Ive ever used

Great app!

I love this app. I live close to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and it is great to get a heads up on the wind as well as the tides and weather for getting out on the water.

Great for UV ratings

As a fair skinned northerner floridas sun can be a microwave!


I live inland Hawaii. When I go to the beach Im interested in four qualities for that day and time at that beach. Those are wave action (swell), tides, wind, and weather. This app makes it possible to set up the opening page with four tabs all offering just the information Im looking for. Best at getting the weather information I need. Great app.

So far, so good. Love it! Great for surfers

So far, no problems. Loving all the subcats. Easy to rearrange too categories to my personal liking. Thanks! I have shared the app with friends.

Willy Weather

I have really been pleased with this app easy to use it has also been the first app I have used and found to be very accurate I recommend it to all my friends

Too many emails from advertisers

This was the fifth weather app I have used and the only one that created an Inbox in my mailbox for itself and lots of advertisers. Not happy with this insidious invasion of my personal mailbox, so bye-bye Willy Weather!


Even your "review" function doesnt work--3rd time Im typing this cause each time I "tap a star to Rate", it takes me back to the app description page! Grrrr! I got this app because it said it includes Rainfall. Wrong--it doesnt. It tells you the probability that there will BE rainfall, in percentages, but I need ACTUAL rainfall. The term rainfall refers to "rain that has fallen", not the likelihood that it WILL rain.

Great for boaters

Ive tried many weather apps and this one is my favorite to get info for boating conditions. Wind, swell, tides (and a lot more) all nicely formatted in a single app. Not only current conditions but also forecast conditions. There is a nice key explaining what levels mean below most graphs. Well done!

Good App for fishermen

I use this for fishing and crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay. Always good data and never buggy


Love this app. I use it everyday!


Great app, snap shot of specific areas of the city with all the pertinent info.

Great with the details.

I downloaded this to know exactly when the sun comes up and its safe for my young driver to leave. Its brilliant.

I highly recommend this app

Great app I got it for the tides but love the whole app!

Best Weather App Plus

Love this app because its accurate and also gives the phases of the moon.


Top notch!!

Bad App- Updated To Great App

I updating my review as support got right back to me. Seems the click baits are the result of Googles Admob. (Thanks Google) Even though they try to catch the malware, checking each day, one occasionally sneaks through. I found it. If you upgrade on one device to "ad free" all you need to do on your other devices is "Restore Previous Purchases" Im an avid fisherman. Ive found this to be the most comprehensive tide app out there. And Ive tried more then a few. The accuracy is great. Amazing search feature to set the location. GUI is very nice. I would highly recommend the ad free version. Stay away from the banner that says you have a message. Its not from this app. Terrible click baits. Like... " You have one message " "Click OK to receive a free iPhone 6" Sure. Upgraded the app to add free on my iPad. Have to pay again to get add free on my phone. Decent information. Bad app.

Nice all in one app

Just started using this but now I have tide, swell, weather for any location all in one app.

This app has everything!

As a runner, I appreciate and make use of the easy to understand hourly UV function. Theres other neat features on app too and all are easy to shuffle through and understand. Regarding the other weather apps, this is my fav for weather info and yes I would recommend. I give it five stars! :))

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